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Re: U.S.S. Silverfin NCC-4470, Crew Roster

david lowbridge wrote: View Post
wow, i thought i was the only one who did this. Well done on all that hard work. i have to admit when I've done this, I've only had 75 crewmembers so you've worked harder than I.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Coming up with departments and duty assignments wasn't all that difficult. The hardest thing I found was naming the human crewmembers, so that there were a diverse number from various countries (I've got people of Korean, German, Icelandic, Swedish, French, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, South African, Maori, and a couple other origins) just so they're not all Anglo-origin names.

Cobalt Frost wrote: View Post
Impressive, most impressive I'd love to do something like that, but Challenger, Gorky Park, and Vincennes are all ships of the line with fairly sizable crews.

Hmm, that just got me wondering. We know the crew complement of a Galaxy, but have numbers been established (canon or fanon) for the Excelsior or Sovereign-classes? And of course, Challenger being my own creation, I can determine her crew complement myself... one of these days, lol.
I always like to come up with department numbers and a few key extras at the least. The departments are something of an obsession when creating crews, as I like to know who onboard does what. I always weight mine towards Alpha Shift, so that it has a few more people on duty that the others.

Cobalt Frost wrote: View Post
Back to the original topic... I'm with you, Bry, I like having a varied and diverse crew. The Titan novels have been a good source of alien races, and I've made up a few of my own...
That is one of the few good things about the Titan books (I tried reading the series, but found the first two really dull and gave up), but the fact that the keep hyping it up as being the 'most diverse crew' and one with only a small percentage of humans onboard does annoy me a little. Starfleet has hundreds (if not thousands) of ships (not to mention huge space stations), humans are only a few billion within the entire population of the UFP (150+ members) and, like today, not everyone will sign up for military service, so there won't be that many humans about to dominate each and every ship. On all my starships, humans always make up less than half the overall crew (41% on the Silverfin).

TheLoneRedshirt wrote: View Post
Great work, Bry - not only did you provide names and ranks but also duty assignment and shift. And I like the numerical break-down by species.

I considered doing this once for Bluefin but never got far with it. I've had so much turn over on the crew that I'm not quite sure who's on board now.
Cheers TLR. Though being Border Dogs they'll all chip in to get the job done when needed, with many cross trained for additional duties, this is for when they are on standard patrol duty--you know, on those rare occassions things are actually quiet .
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