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Re: Cold Equations by David Mack???

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Me too actually. I remember them referring to Lore, Lal, and Data's "mother", but I can't remember exactly what was said about them. Damn, I just checked Memory Beta and it doesn't have anything about IC in the Lore entry.
Yeah, I was looking a few hours ago. What a mess. It's like that one SNW story has overshadowed all other Soong android appearances.

It's been ages since I read it, but IC mentions that at some point after "Descent", Data had headed back to Soong's colony world of Omicron Theta and retrieved the first three prototypes first mentioned by the Juliana android in "Inheritance". The novel reveals that those prototypes, plus Lal, the recently "deceased" Juliana, and the disassembled Lore, were all stored in Data's lab.

Somewhere, but I can't recall exactly where, there was mention that Lore was destroyed beyond repair in the crash of the Enterprise-D.

After the revelations of "Nemesis", I told Jeff Lang that if he ever did a sequel to "Immortal Coil", perhaps the prototypes would be B-1, B-2 and B-3.
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