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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Quick question: anyone here still playing this game? I ask because I had a go during the free weekend that just ended and I couldn't help but notice how...empty the game felt compared to other MMO's I've tried (all 3 of them...)

If the answer is no, then I'm not surprised. While it was fun while it lasted (and I'm going to really miss my sarcastic Sith Assassin), I have a hard time seeing this game having much to offer once the characters' arc story is done.

Also, I can't help but get the impression that they would have been better off just making a straight-up single player KOTOR sequel, even with the different classes. I mean come on, a Star Wars version of Dragon Age: Origins? Yes please!
I bought 6 months (for the savings, d'oh) which will mean 8, what with one being free with purchase, and another they awarded players who stuck around through recently. So I'm about halfway through my subscription. I don't know if this stuff's refundable? In which case I would strongly consider shelving it.

My idea is to have the class stories for all 8 classes complete by the end of these 8 months, and rolling alts when I get bored with any given toon has indeed been what used to keep things interesting. I'm not that big a fan of repetition, so I really couldn't be arsed to do nearly any daily grinding and gearing on the 2 level 50s I have so far. This being my first (and likely last) MMO, you see, I'm not clear on the appeal of endgame content quite yet. So I decided to approach this as 8 single-player games set in the Star Wars universe. And why not, I've been known to replay an RPG I like, usually by Bioware, up to 3 times. The problem, of course, is I'd put some good months or years between each playthrough. The sameness of the settings in which all classes do their thing, imperial and republic, is really starting to get to me. Not to mention the shared side-quests for all classes in a given faction. There is oh so woefully little class-specific content, and I only ever play games for story; was becoming a near post-gamer before I took the plunge with this. Then it had me bad at one point. My mom came to visit and I ignored her bad.

Anyway, I have the 2 50s I mentioned, a 49 who's nearly there, 2 43s, and 3 toons I haven't rolled yet. Well, one I selected a dismal advanced class on and took to 20 before abandoning. For the 3 non 50s I'm playing, I've gotten to the point where I'm constantly figuring out ways to level them the rest of the way without nearly any side-questing (which is otherwise really important for being adequately geared enough to keep progressing without any help, but bear with me). Therefore I PVP, I find that really entertaining. And getting killed doesn't break your gear, so it's not as punishing as being unprepared for class bits. With the next update to legacy, I'll even be able to buy boosts to XP gained in warzones. At lv 48, there is a space mission that gives out 2 daily commendations every day, which can be turned in at 50 for some gnarly endgame armor mods. So my idea is basically to reach 50, put on some endgame gear with the PVP and Daily commendations I've earned, then go back and finish the stretch of class quests covering levels 44 through 50. Lv 44 content is still green for a 50, meaning I'd get XP for it... if I hadn't maxxed out my XP at 50. Well, at least things still count towards legacy XP.

Legacy (a master leveling bar for all your alts on a server, things done at 50 count towards it as well) and the related unlocks are the reason I keep putting off rolling the rest of my classes. I will have unlocked a few species I prefer by the time I hatch my next batch of 50s. But even so, knowing that speeder piloting will be available at level 10 in update 1.3 (maybe 2 months away) makes me wanna wait just so I'll be able to speed things along. I thought sprint at lv 1 would satisfy me, but no. I'm even saving up to buy rocket boost, an ability that's like being on a speeder prior to being able to train for it. And with the latest patch it'll be useful to higher level toons as well, cause now it's useable indoors, though not in combat or warzones. All of which ironically means I'll have nothing much to do in the game but resign myself to repetition with my present and future 50s, cause that's where the money's at. I mean, I even spent this weekend grinding the world event on Tattooine with all 5 toons, so I could earn these exclusive endgame crystals and sell them to folks who missed out on the fun (For a few days I took "don't go to Tattooine" quite literally myself). And it's insane what I've put into this game so far. Bought a new desk that could accommodate 2 monitors. 3 seasons of Mad Men along with the grind over the weekend made it almost bearable.

It remains to be seen, once the 8 months are up and the re-sub question presents itself, if I've discovered the appeal of end-gaming. I expect, by virtue of daily tokens rewarded while making money, I will have also gotten at least a couple 50s ops-ready by then. So I'll give that a shot at some point. And I do need to be geared if I wanna participate in quality PVP, cause they'll be introducing rated warzones for 50s, meaning you always get equal full groups going, and don't get dropped in at the end of losing matches cause people start quitting in despair (and quitting would now start going towards your losses tally). Most of the folks in my guild, ops are all they do, so maybe there's something to it. But this is the profile of people who loved WoW, where I hear that's all there was to do (dungeons?). Pffffffft. (ETA a couple more effs) I imagine it's more likely I'll just put everything on hold until they come out with an expansion pack that has enough new story bits to make it worth it.

Clearly for a guy who resolved not to spend so much time on the game, even this write-up seems to suggest otherwise.
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