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Re: Watchmen 2?

If they were doing a Watchmen sequel that took place after the original ended, I would be far more skeptical. Prequels are, IMO, a different story. One of the things I liked best about the original was how detailed the world was and how it seemed like everything came from somewhere. Since the entire story was about washed-up superheroes, I wouldn't mind seeing a few token stories about each of them back in their prime.

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^I seem to recall that at one point the studio wanted to update the story to the modern day and replace Vietnam with 9/11. Frankly, I'm glad that they didn't go down that route.
Yeah. Like I said, there really isn't a good modern day equivalent to the Cold War that you can swap it out with.

Granted, I'm not thoroughly familiar with the original V for Vendetta book. But whether it's about Thatcher or Bush, V for Vendetta is still an allegory, so what you take out of it will depend very much on your own personal outlook. On the other hand, Watchmen, although set in an alternate timeline, is still about the actual Cold War.

BTW, in the above linked Alan Moore interview, he mentions a plot hole in the V for Vendetta movie that was fixed in the novelization. Does anyone know what that plot hole would be?
A few weeks before that point, I'd had a phone call from Steve Moore, who said that perhaps he wasn't blacklisted from DC, because he'd just had Warner Books phone him and up say that after he'd done such a brilliant job on the novelization of the V for Vendetta film--even fixing a plot hole in the original screenplay for them--that they'd like him to do the novelization of the Watchmen film.
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They also confirm that there will be a running story called "The Crimson Corsair" that will function the same way that "The Black Freighter" did and it will be written by Len Wein.
I dunno. "The Black Freighter" was always my least favorite part of Watchmen.
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