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Re: "Second Skin" Line-By-Line

ENTEK: I know about it because we placed that story in your memories, Iliana. Just like we gave you every other memory you have. What we couldn't extract from the real Kira, we got from other prisoners or just invented ourselves. Ask yourself two things, Iliana. First, is there anything that I've said we've done that's beyond the capabilities of the Obsidian Order? I assume you know there isn't. Second, if you're not my operative, if you're not who I say you are, why would I be playing this game? Believe me, if I wanted to extract the information from you, I'd have it already. I don't want to do that. I care about you. You were one of my best students. Watch the recording, think about what I've said, because the Order won't wait much longer.
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