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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

SyFy endearing itself to fanboys/girls by treating them like wildebeest on Wild Kingdom.

The potential docuseries would celebrate the unique and often misunderstood fanboy and fangirl culture (science fiction/fantasy/super hero offerings encompassing comics, video games, TV and movies and those who obsess over them)
We already have that "docuseries," it's called the internet. From the producer of Jersey Shore no less! Okay geeks, show us your abs!

Just for laffs (and to distract Guy from giving us any more random lectures about citrus), here are the other unscripted series SyFy is threatening to inflict on us:
Chris Cox Project-- Chris Cox is the mind reader who can’t read minds...In everyday situations and locations -- at a coffee shop, the post office, or just walking down the street -- Chris amazes and confounds real people.

Divas of Dress Up -- Follows the six hottest cos-play stars as they push the boundaries of creativity and costuming in this docu-series that takes viewers inside the amazingly creative world of cos-play competition.

• Limitless-- Recounts firsthand, true-life tales of ordinary men and women who discovered hidden powers -- they never knew existed -- when faced with extreme life and death circumstances.

• Superhuman -- Uncovers the secrets of unbelievable stunts, record-breaking abilities and exceptional feats of human power and skill by putting real people through physical on-location challenges and a series of tests in a high-tech lab to answer the question: “How did they do that?”

• Toy Traveler-- Shane Turgeon, the Indiana Jones of toy collectors, travels to remote corners of the world to find the rarest and most valuable toys and collectibles.

• Master Control-- A weekly competition that pits user-generated videos against one another in a battle for viewer popularity.

• Stranger Than Fiction -- A viral video clip show where comedians compete for laughs while commenting on and arguing over the strangest clips from the web.
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