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Re: Star Trek, what I think it should be.....

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- Dropping the transhuman bans i.e. legal genetic engineering.
I, for one, disagree. Star Trek is about humanity and making humanity better. Not turning humans into the Borg or designer glow in the dark freaks. Keep the ban. In fact, make one for real life--aside from curing diseases.

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- A shipboard A.I. that controls the ship just becuase that is kind of cool and literally makes the ship a character.
It could work or it could go badly. From what I have seen on all the shows is that ships do have a very advanced AI or at least a very advanced OS and can basically run themselves. Making it self aware and interactive would be gimmicky, and lead to ethical issues a la "The Measure of a Man"--could Kirk order a self-aware starship to make a suicide run?

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- More willing to show that the universe can be a dnagerous place i.e. occasional appearances by soul eating space monster things that the crew would have to stop while their exploring the galaxy.
Now this I do like. Space should be scary, no matter how populated it is.

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- (This is optional but) can someone at least consider having space fighters on the ship.
Again, I respectfully disagree. To me space fighters would work when they have some sort of technical advantage over the larger star ships--i.e. they can go faster, they can bring more (significant) weapons to bare, etc. In Trek, fighters may be able to go faster at impulse, but a starship could just warp away and come back a minute later. Considering the size of a fighter compared to a starship, a torpedo volley would work just as well if not better than a fighter squadron. The only way I could see fighters work would be if the fighters were based off of an unarmed ship--serving as escorts for a civilian convoy or something--or, if they changed the laws of Trek physics and limited the ability of starships to use warp. In B5 or Galactica were everything was slow in slower than light travel, fighters made sense. Trek ships don't jump around though and don't need gates either--they just move from point A to point B really, really fast. And a warbird can always run down or outrun a runabout.
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