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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

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I get the impression Daniel didn't get to go to Shanghai, I think it was all second unit filming as far as I could tell.
If you look at the video blog and the .gif I posted he was there.
Maybe for a day or two.

That nighttime skyline sure isn't London or a green screen. Unless it's a very detailed backdrop :P
I'm pretty sure it's a very detailed backdrop. I've been following the production since day one on another site and up until recently Craig has been in London filming. He's now in Turkey filming for the PTS, and he's already been in Scotland filming scenes for the finale, but as far as I know he never went to Shanghai.
Well I was just going on what I'd read here, but MI6 might have got it wrong.

Daniel Craig and the rest of the principle cast will not be traveling to China for any filming.
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