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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

The face is I said if this were 1995 or 1996 people would be going ape for the facial likeness. Once you get past the face, the rest of him...meh. Let's just say compared to any of the Vintage Collection Lukes released since the fall of 2010 that this thing is a definite time machine throwback to an earlier epoch in toymaking. Even compared to practically any of the Lukes made and released since at least 2006's The Saga Collection this one is a real clunker. Five points of articulation is even less than the 1995 Luke Skywalker with the broad, muscular shoulders and beefy, steroid-looking body...this one even lacks a waist joint! Just neck, shoulder and hip joints and that's all she wrote. Poseability is close to nil. The message boards on the collector sites are very, very disillusioned about this Luke and most of the other figures in the Bespin and Naboo Battle Packs. For every one positive comment you see, oh, eight or nine negative ones...the noticeable regression in articulation and realism isn't going over well at all.
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