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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

There are an abundance of theories in the collecting community that this Battle Pack and---to a less obvious and glaring extent--- the Duel on Naboo Pack I posted a pic of earlier are aimed more at kids and less demanding and picky collectors. Hasbro has been cutting back on articulation throughout virtually the entire line outside the premium Vintage Collection and this set is just the most glaring and obnoxious example of Hasbro's shortcuts in tooling and sculpting in a down market. The Luke is just a complete mess. In 1995 or 1996 that would have been a figure that hit stratospheric heights of popularity because nobody would have ever seen a 3-3/4" Luke Skywalker with that close of a resemblance to Mark Hamill, even if the hair was the completely wrong color and hearkened back to the more cartoony styles of the classic Vintage era(1978-85). But in 2012 that sun-yellow hair and only five points of articulation aren't going to fly with most people and I foresee this Battle Pack(and perhaps even the Naboo one, even though it is exponentially superior to this one in most respects) rotting on shelves until it's marked down to $5 or $6. Maybe some kids who aren't familiar with the progression and evolution of the modern line might go for these throwback clunkers just to have figures of famous, classic characters to play with, but most adults won't bite unless they can get it for dirt cheap or they just absolutely have to have one of everything.

Here's a better look at the Luke from this Battle Pack. I'm not impressed. Not in the least. There are too many things wrong with this figure to even bother reciting right now. I think it speaks for itself.

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