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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

ok, thought i'd do a little review here... so this is day 2 of using the Samsung Galaxy note... and god, i could not go back to another phone now lol

i tried picking up the Galaxy S2 i previously had, the thing felt tiny in my hand, like i was going to break it or something lol

Definitely sticking with this phone... grabbed a 64gb memory card to stick in it, so added to the 16gb of on board storage, it's happily bouncing around 80gb of storage for me to play with now... still fast as hell, and i'm actually happily surprised at the battery life, seeing as it's such a frickin' huge phone and screen, nearly 6 inches of screen lol, i figured it would kill the battery very quickly...

Just so you can see a size comparison... this is the Galaxy side by side with an Iphone4...

See what i mean?!? lol

not so... if anything, i'd say the battery actually lasts longer than the Galaxy S2... i've had it on charge overnight yesterday, it's now nearly 2am so, 26 hours later, and it's hovering around the 50% area... so not too bad at all

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