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Re: Why was the last episode of DS9 so incredibly awful?

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I enjoyed WYLB very much. It was bold, and I thought it was epic on multiple story fronts. It also gave us the goodbyes and narrative conclusions that I look for in a series finale.

(*Otoh, I don't hold the lack of conclusions against AGT, since it was supposed to be a capstone for the show while also being a transitional story for JLP and the crew..)

For a TV finale, WYLB covers a lot of ground and contains some great moments and heavy material.
-the invasion of Cardassia
-the final death of Weyoun
-the razing of Cardassia
-Martok's "victory" toast
-the treating signing
-goodbyes and Vic's song
-multiple love stories between characters
-the Sisko-Dukat showdown
-the farewell montage
-Odo and the Great Link
-a fantastic final fade-away shot to the music...

Really -- did you truly think Sisko was going to "die?" It took some courage for them to really do that....

And who didn't like this?

and Garak gets to go whats left of it
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