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Re: Star Trek, what I think it should be.....

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- Dropping the transhuman bans i.e. legal genetic engineering.
But that's one of the unique aspects of Star Trek - that they would be so blase about everything but hung up on just that one thing. Personally, I like it. Makes the oh so perfect Federation a bit neurotic.

A shipboard A.I. that controls the ship just becuase that is kind of cool and literally makes the ship a character
Seems like something that should exist anyway. Or, there could be a Medusan Starfleet officer who merges with the ship's computers and effectively serves the role of AI (since we've had AI main characters before but not a Medusan.)

More willing to show that the universe can be a dnagerous place i.e. occasional appearances by soul eating space monster things that the crew would have to stop while their exploring the galaxy.
Yes, Star Trek is definitely too tame for modern audiences, especially on cable. The audience needs to be freaked out every so often, a la The Walking Dead. Some episodes should need that "may too intense for some audiences" warning at the beginning.

Get rid of the stupid head ridges on the Romulans that never made any sense anyway.
Eh, maybe the original emigrants from Vulcan were largely from some sub-species of Vulcan that had ridges. It's easy to explain. Or, there could be variation among Rommies - from prominent ridges to none. Mainly I want the costuming and hair to be less comical. I'm really tired of the Moe haircuts.
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