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Re: Star Trek, what I think it should be.....

What I would want from a new Trek series would be.

- Closer to TOS but updating the elements that are considered cheesy today.

- Dropping the transhuman bans i.e. legal genetic engineering.

- A shipboard A.I. that controls the ship just becuase that is kind of cool and literally makes the ship a character

- More willing to show that the universe can be a dnagerous place i.e. occasional appearances by soul eating space monster things that the crew would have to stop while their exploring the galaxy.

- Make the Klingons more willing to scheme (i.e. closer to John M. Ford's version) and drop the viking biker look.

- Get rid of the stupid head ridges on the Romulans that never made any sense anyway.

- Starfleet and being more like its depicted in Diane Duane's books

- The Federation's tech level being closer to the 80s TOS novels where it was more advanced than the TNG era.

- (This is optional but) can someone at least consider having space fighters on the ship.
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