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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

Just got home from the TrekTrax Atlanta convention. Great experience! Everyone was very nice! Enjoyed meeting Michael Bednar (Farragut), Michael Day (Farragut), Jim Brucke (Lexington), Keith Harris (Lexington), Bryan Holloway (Phase 2), Morgan Gendel (television producer and Star Trek writer), and of course our hosts, including Eric L. Watts.

My special thanks to Chris Coleman, Doug Harper, Renda and Tim Carr, Sara and Bill MacKenzie for making the long Trek up to Atlanta, and for serving on so many panels. Also thanks to Ray Coleman, Chris' dad, for helping out with the Friday evening panel.
We received just over $100 in donations which will go to the Project: Potemkin Film Expo on May 22nd, which was very kind of folks. We handed out over two dozen DVDs, and hopefully that will do well at helping spread the word about our fan film project.

We also reached out to four other fans who are interested in joining our production in various capacities.

Hopefully, we'll be invited to another convention soon, and even more hopefully, we can get even more people to attend!

Thanks again to everyone (and hope I didn't leave anything or anyone out!).

And don't forget our Film Expo here in Albany on May 22nd!
Project Potemkin
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