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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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self-driving car
How would that work with my motorcycle? Or will those be outlawed?
Same way it would work with a care that isn't self-driven. Like I said, it would probably be used for highway driving first before it's ever used in an urban environment; if anything changes at all it would be traffic laws, but in this case the self-driving cars would probably be considerably safer than the manually-driven ones they share the road with (unless, of course, the driver takes a nap on the highway and doesn't wake up before the car stops at the off-ramp, in which case we have a "snooze driver traffic jam.")

In an urban environment things MIGHT be a little different, but only because the developers have to figure out how to get the automatic drivers to interact with other vehicles that may or may not be automatic. With the kind of sensors and decision-making software those kinds of cars would have, motorcyclists -- and more importantly, bicyclists -- would probably find their lives considerably less hazardous.

And I was wondering, if a "self driving vehicle" is the cause of property damage or a fatality, who would be the legally responsible party? Surely not the vehicle owner, who is required by law to have one installed and to employ it.
What makes you think it would it be required by law?

Anyway, if the car crashes into something on autodrive, that would probably be treated as a mechanical failure (similar to, say, if your brakes suddenly fail before you get to a red light). If your lucky, your insurance would cover that; if not, you COULD try to sue the manufacturer and prove the auto-drive is defective, though you'd probably loose.
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