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Re: Why was the last episode of DS9 so incredibly awful?

I basically enjoyed WYLB, my only issue with it, was the timing of getting down into the Firecaves (Dukhat/Winn measured agaisnt the Dominion War being tied up vs. The seeming minutes it took Sisko to get there after the Treaty signing).

As far as where they went with that part of the story, to me, it fit perfectly into the rest of the Prophets/Pah Wraiths/Emissary story arc. And I'm so confused by all these folks who say Ben abandoned Jake and went off to live with the Prophets. It's not like Sisko contacted the Prophets and "Said, OK, I'm ready, carry me home to the Celestial Temple". He fought with Dukhat, to defeat the Pah Wraiths and they fell into a pit, which the Prophets grabbed him up from, and brought him to the Celestial Temple. He didn't go to the Fire Caves with the intention or knowldge he would not be returning to the Station.
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