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Re: Why was the last episode of DS9 so incredibly awful?

I enjoyed WYLB very much. It was bold, and I thought it was epic on multiple story fronts. It also gave us the goodbyes and narrative conclusions that I look for in a series finale.

(*Otoh, I don't hold the lack of conclusions against AGT, since it was supposed to be a capstone for the show while also being a transitional story for JLP and the crew..)

For a TV finale, WYLB covers a lot of ground and contains some great moments and heavy material.
-the invasion of Cardassia
-the final death of Weyoun
-the razing of Cardassia
-Martok's "victory" toast
-the treating signing
-goodbyes and Vic's song
-multiple love stories between characters
-the Sisko-Dukat showdown
-the farewell montage
-Odo and the Great Link
-a fantastic final fade-away shot to the music...

Really -- did you truly think Sisko was going to "die?" It took some courage for them to really do that....

And who didn't like this?

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