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Re: Heads up! MYTHBUSTERS season premiere tonight at 9 Eastern!

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Though, like Christopher, I too noticed that Jamie and Adam called a slim difference between the sexes as a "win" for the men when the other similar differences were seen as ties.
Well, they only did that in one case. They gave the women the clear "win" in the emotion-reading test, although there I think the difference was big enough to be statistically significant, though just barely.

Jamie clearly seems pretty lowly-expressive when it comes to his face, it even seemed that way in the early days of the show before they got typed into their "characters." There's been times on th e show where Jamie has shown expression of emotion but it's came from real, genuine, moments (like the look of "glee" he had when their first test of the rocket-car launched (in the pilot episode IIRC) and he simply can't just "look happy" on cue.
Oh yeah, I do remember him being happy on occasion.

And, yeah, I saw Kari's "angry" look as more come hither/sensual than angry too. Maybe that's a guy thing? We're driven by desires and emotions and make us mis-judge things. That or there's a link between "angry" and "sensual."
Well, there is the saying "You're beautiful when you're angry." I think that what the eyes do when you're angry at someone -- focusing intently on them, narrowing to shut out distractions -- is similar to what they'd do when you're looking at someone with intense desire.

And just the general tension and strength of emotion can be similar. It's like the way riding a roller coaster or seeing a scary movie can help intensify attraction between two people on a date, because the adrenaline surge caused by fear is much the same as that caused by desire. By the same token, if someone's angry or yelling threateningly at you, that can get your adrenaline going in much the same way as if a sexy person is coming on to you. So if it's a sexy person angry at you, the arousal response may be similar.
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