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STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FAQ

It is time to update our fleet thread.

Please discuss fleet matters here and post you requests to join.

What is the TrekBBS Armada and the House of TrekBBS?

The TrekBBS Armada is our Federation fleet in Star Trek Online.
Every member of the board is welcome to join and enjoy every community privilige a fleet in STO has to offer, like a special uniform, fleet bank access, help from fleet adjutants with leveling, builds, crafting, Doff system and any other benefit that future game updates will bring for fleets.

The House of TrekBBS is the equivalent of the Klingon Defense Force and the same rules and priviliges apply.
However at the moment the membership numbers of the House are very small and can't quite provide the same resources as the Armada.
Any donation is helpful.
If you haven't done so, feel free to create a KDF character and join the glorious battle against the Empire's foes.

Can only board members join?

Generally the fleet is meant for board members, yes.
However there are a couple of exceptions for good friends from real life that some of us just like to play with together.
If you have some friends who would like to meet our little community feel free to invite them.
Non board members might not get full fleet priviliges and promotions though to keep the fleet active as a true home for board members.

How do I join either fleet?

Please post your ingame name here for an invite in the following format:
If you are unsure what that is for you, just post something in the game's chat system and the name will appear there in the right format.

Alternatively you can sent any fleetmember a mail ingame. Many of us have their game names visible in their board signatures.

How can I invite other people into the fleets?

Open the fleet menu in game, click on the Roster tab and then on invite on the lower right corner of the appearing window.
Enter the players name in the same format mentioned above.
You can also invite alternate characters from the same faction
and don't need to ask other players for help in this case.

What are fleet ranks and how do I get a promotion?

Fleet ranks are as follows: Cadet, Crewman, Officer, Adjutant, Fleet Adjutant and Fleet Admiral

Every member starts as a Cadet and can be promoted to a higher "rank" by any adjutant.

Cadet is a trial rank, that gives us time to get to know you in game.
The best way to get a higher rank is to interact with us, play missions, PvP or just talk in chat.
As soon as we are sure that you are not here to troll, flame or rob the fleet bank clean you will get a promotion to Crewman.
if you feel that you are overdue for a promotion feel free to ask us for an evaluation. Someone probably just overlooked your contributions to the fleet activities unintentionally.

Crewman is the standard membership rank.
You will get extended bank access and invite rights.
For non board members this is the maximum rank.

Officer is the top rank for non administrativ members.
If you reach this rank, you are considered to be a game veteran.
You know your stuff.
You are capable to build an effective ship, know the game systems and are typically of maximum level.
Please help the newer and less experienced players to reach the same.
They will look up to you.
You get a bit less bank restrictions

An Adjutant rank can be received by anyone in theory but there are only a small number of them to organize fleet events, bank content and roster management.
If you want to take a more active role in fleet organization ask the Fleet Admiral if any positions are open.

Why are there restrictions on the fleet bank?

As much as we would liek a completely open bank for everyone, there is no way to ensure the safety of its contents.
The bank might be not the biggest in the whole game compared to other fleets, but it is still worth tens of millions Energy Credits all in all and it just takes one bad apple to rob everythine without restrictions.
Cryptic generally doesn't police fleet members. They gave us the tools to do it ourselves.
Every member with full access technically has every right to grab what he can and "run"...
But I'm sure most fleet members wouldn't be very thrilled if that happened...

Will I get a promotion faster if I donate a lot?

No, fleet promotions are not tied in any way to your donations to the bank.
Only activity and interaction with other fleet members will do that trick.
Any selfless contribution will help us gather resources for crafting and future fleet purchases.
At this point those resources are likely to help with building a fleet base when those systems get added to the game which will provide further priviliges and abilities that benefit every member.

Where is my fleet uniform?

Every member unlocks a free uniform slot upon joining. This slot could be used for any costume but we would like you to pick up the official fleet uniform at the next tailor (at Earth Space Dock, Deep Space Nine, Klingon First City, etc...)
It features the official current color scheme of the board (or as close as we could get it at least) black, grey, dark blue.
Alterations and customization can be:

Open Uniforms jackets, skirts (there is a premade template for female characters), belt (I recommend the Jupiter belt or the Wrath of Khan belt) and gloves.

Please keep the original color. If you like the uniform but want to have classic Star Trek colors you can use your default uniform slots for those or unlock more slots through any way provided by Cryptic.

How do the fleets communicate?

Every fleet has their own default fleet channel which automatically unlocks when you join.
This channel is hardly used by us anymore because it is limited to one faction.
We have a gamewide custom channel called
TrekBBS Subspace Com

It is an open channel anyone can join.
I will edit precise instructions to join later.

This channel has the benefit to be accessible from both factions and even other Cryptic games like Champions Online and characters not aligned with our fleet like alts...

Does the fleet have a Vent or other voice chat server?

Not at this time. In theory we can use the ingame voice system Vivox. That is a bit buggy however.
If someone has the means to establish a Vent or Teamspeak service for the fleet please feel free to do so.
Some of us also use Steam for voice communication which is sufficient for small teams most of the times but doesn't work fleet wide.

I will edit this post later with more information if necessary and if new questions arise.
If you have more input for the FAQ feel free to post in this thread.
Spoiler me one more time! I dare ya! I double dare ya!
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