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Re: Why was the last episode of DS9 so incredibly awful?

Jono wrote: View Post
I'd argue against calling it a "cheap move". Just because it's the last episode doesn't mean they have an bottomless money pit to call on.
I'm not saying they had to make lots of new footage; just don't reuse footage from an episode whose battle was still fresh in my mind. I'd rather not see any footage at all than reused footage, but that's just me.

gazomg wrote: View Post
same here, all this pedantry over re used scenes is hardly an issue to most people except the complete nerd
Thank you for calling me a complete nerd. I love you too.

ElimGarak wrote: View Post
To be more specific:

I thought Dukat's character became completely absurd. The entire scene with him and Kai Winn chanting in the fire caves would have fit better in "Ernest Scared Stupid" than in any semi-serious scifi series.

also, and this bothered me the most, the black and white flashbacks for the main characters felt like really bad tv drama kitsch. I half expected to hear Dawson's Creek theme music playing in the background.
So you condemned the entire two-hour series finale as a contrived pile of garbage because of those two factors?
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