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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

^^ Zardoz is another example. TMP has a lot of that as well. I've often wondered what direction science fiction movies would've taken had Star Wars not been made.

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Illustrated Man was very odd, I couldn't get to into that one. My favorite part was that crazy future apartment. It seemed almost like what you'd think someone who wasn't into science fiction would come up with if forced to do so.
It seemed to have the same underlying philosophy as Krypton's design in Superman: The Movie: a futuristic world as a completely white, sterile, cold environment with no traces of color or comfort, symbolizing a future where technology had wiped out anything natural or imperfect, any trace of individuality or passion. I think George Lucas's THX-1138 had a similar design philosophy.
I get that, I was just thinking about some of the trappings like the weird furniture and stuff. I just thought some of it seemed goofy like "Box" in Logan's Run. It seemed thrown together in a perfunctory manner.
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