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Favorite Current Super Hero Cartoons

1. Legend of Korra: we're only three episodes in but it's already incredible, a worthy continuation of my all time favorite animated series, and I can't wait for more!

2. Avengers: I love the huge cast, the sharp animation, and the blending of modern and old stories into one large epic.

3. Young Justice: again, a huge cast and a single large storyline, but it's a little too angsty and serious and lifeless for me. Plus, the villains have been a little B list so far.

4. Ultimate Spider-man: it's, ah, very, kinetic and silly, which is different. I also like that it's a team up show.

5. Iron Man Armored Adventures: second season is much better, I'm actually enjoying it this time.

6. Generator Rex: I enjoy the tone of the show and the stories are occasionally interesting, occasionally not interesting.

7. Green Lantern: I love the comics, but I'm not really into this simplistic young adult adventure. And I loved Batman Brave and the Bold.

8. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: I was barely ever into this show. Not great, not terrible, just there.
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