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When the 2nd A.C./Slate Loader slates a sound shot, they call out the audio slate. For a shot where the scene number is appended with a letter, they typically call out the letter as a word starting with that letter. Most commonly, it's in the form of the NATO phonetic alphabet for letters A through H, ergo scene 10F is called out as "Scene 10 Foxtrot".
  • A Alpha
  • B Bravo
  • C Charlie
  • D Delta
  • E Echo
  • F Foxtrot
  • G Golf
  • H Hotel
  • I (unused)
I and O are typically not used because they can look like numbers on the slate...
Alchemist wrote to me to point out the slating conventions in Trek's 3rd season, in which the audio slates are using a different phonetic alphabet than the NATO one. I thought it was worth mentioning this because while it's fairly common to use the NATO phonetic alphabet, it's not a rule.

Here's some of what they used on Trek.
  • Apples
  • Baker
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • Franklin
You can hear slates and takes for "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" and "Turnabout Intruder" at this website (link).

Also, hearing these slates, you'll notice an additional variation on slating, in which the scene and take numbers are read off without the words Scene and Take, as in "35 Apples, seven" instead of "Scene 35 Apples, take seven".

And it's always fun to watch Geraldine Brezca slate a movie, as she's very creative in her on-the-fly phonetic alphabets (here in Inglourious Basterds):

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