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Re: Why was the last episode of DS9 so incredibly awful?

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Definitely the best Trek series ender of all.
I'm not sure I'd go that far - "All Good Things" is probably my favorite. But DS9's was fantastic as well.
I like TNG, don't get me wrong, but on it's best day it was only as good as a moderately good ep of DS9.

DS9 did far more, and far more interesting things with it's characters than TNG was ever allowed to do (thank the Great Bird for Berman's contempt of DS9 in this case).

The finale of DS9 therefore FELT like a finale. The crew was breaking up, going on to the next chapter in their lives. Things would never be the same again.

AGT felt like just another ep (2-part ep but ep nonetheless). The status quo prevailed, and we were left with the impression that their journey together was not over yet, that we could come back and pick up right from there and nothing would have changed. Which indeed it was the case with 4 feature films yet to come.

Arguably, TNG's true "finale" was Nemesis. Some characters moved on, one (Data) died, new characters were coming in (Madden), and the status quo came to an end.
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