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Re: Why was the last episode of DS9 so incredibly awful?

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a show with such fantastic writing ends with such a contrived pile of garbage - why?!?!
While there were certain aspects of the finale I did not like, I would hardly call it a "contrived pile of garbage." However, unlike your vague generalization, I will list the things I didn't like.

1. I really did not like the reuse of battle footage from a previous episode for the "final battle." I felt it was an incredibly cheap move, especially for the series finale.
I'd argue against calling it a "cheap move". Just because it's the last episode doesn't mean they have an bottomless money pit to call on.

I have 3 gripes with the final as well.

First, is to do with the reused battle footage. I don't think all the reused footage was bad. The only stuff that was out of place was the Sacrifice of Angels footage, you cut that out and the new and old footage gels far better.

Second, there should have been a scene with Ben and Jake after he joined the Prophets. I don't think you'd lose anything with the final scene with Jake looking out at the wormhole if they did have a chat before hand.

Third, the lack of Jadzia in the flashback. As I understand it there were problems due to them previously using her image earlier in the season. It would have been nice if something could have been figured out.

Other than those 3 things I enjoyed the finale.
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