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Re: Whatever happened to Starship Exeter?

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Oh, and, hey, Dennis, that last test you did of the you-know-what for the tag looks really good. I think we're close to nailing that shot. (How's that for maddening, gentle readers?)
IMHO, that's not maddening...that's progress.
And thanks to both of you for your efforts.
Also, add one more 'awesome' vote for that Polaris holo-display shot.
There's one particular set of VFX at the climax that've been a problem. Some things are easy to write (a made-up example: "a cloud, streaked, like neon become fog") but hard to turn into actual visuals. Just laying out the composition of these shots has been a challenge, let alone implementing them. This is further complicated (in a good way) by Jimm's desire that everything look like something you could have done in 1970 with the technology of the time.
Whaddya know about cloud tank effects shots?
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