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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

Well I finished Stand on Zanzibar at last... wow, what an incredibly detailed and disturbing vision of the present as it might have been predicted in 1968. The plot and main characters are not as absorbing as the world, but I still found them interesting as it went along. Things are not as bad as they were in Brunner's vision, but they well could have been in many ways... he got the commercialization and media insanity of the modern world JUST right. His view of future eugenics legislation is off [luckily], but mainly because we're still able to [kind of] feed seven billion people... so far. If you appreciate coherent world-building, this is a unique experience.

Now on to a horse of a different color, Tim Power's new book Hide Me Among the Graves, a sequel to his 1989 book about succubi feeding off of and inspiring Romantic poets called The Stress of Her Regard. I love me some Powers, this should be fun.
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