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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Amar...I.K.C. Amar, one of three Klingon battle cruisers destroyed by V'Ger
B is for "Belay that phaser order!"
C is for Commander Sonak, victim of a terrible transporter accident
D is for Delta IV. Ilia's homeworld. Sounds like Risa on steroids. Must see.
E is for Enterprise refit
F is for Fuel equations
G is for George Takei, who reprised his role as Hikaru Sulu in the film
H is for Hangar deck
I is for Ilia, of course
J is for James T. Kirk, who starts the film as a rear admiral and Starfleet chief of operations but ends it as captain of the refitted Enterprise
K is for Klingon cameos starring Mark Leonard
L is for Leonard McCoy. Scruffy beard and all. Refusing to get into the transporter.
M is for Motion Picture
N is for Nogura, Admiral
O is for "Or a crew of a thousand ten miles tall."
P is for Persis Khambatta
Q is for quadrant. As in "closest/only ship in the quadrant" again.
R is for Rec deck
S is for Sulu, who was promoted to lieutenant commander prior to the V'Ger crisis
T is Troglyte (from TOS' The Cloudminders)
U is for the USS Enterprise and the carbon units that infest her.
V is for V'ger
W is for Willard Decker, son of the late Commodore Matt Decker and---briefly anyways---the new captain of the starship Enterprise
X is for xerophilous, which someone needs to be if they visit Vulcan
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