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Re: M'ress appreciation thread

I'm a little confused. Are you asking if I've fitted additional geometry over the A3 mesh to make her look feline? Well, I added a jointed tail prop (with an appropriated tufted tip), but as far as her face shape and ears, that actually the A3 geometry, just heavily morphed. There's a vendor named Beth Capsces who has supplied add-on sets for many base figures, giving them hundreds of additional shaping controls. Several of those sets have controls to stretch the lower face into a "muzzle", puff out the cheeks, stretch the teeth into feral fangs, etc. I used those "dials" to turn Aiko's default anime styled face into something "kitten-like".

The lower legs resulted from a morph set by another vendor JENelson (aka Achronicity, depending on the site). One of the selections in that set stretches the arch of the foot and plumps up the toes to resemble the digitigrade hide foot of a feline or canid. I tweaked those settings to make the arch longer and the toes fatter to my liking.

So, no, she isn't wearing conforming body parts. It's all the A3 wireframe, just heavily warped and distorted to get that cat-like appearance.


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