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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished A Time to Be Born last night. All around pretty good. The front end of the book feels padded, the trial aspect is rushed (A mixed blessing on that.). Of the Vornholt books I've read (Movie-Era TNG) this is hands down the strongest offering. My main complaint is that Captain Leeden comes across as dumb and obstinate, which means there's little to no sympathy for her through much of her story. Half the time I kept thinking to myself "What did they do before the Enterprise showed up if they can barely handle problems she keeps chiding Picard for not being able to handle." By and large though it was enjoyable. I found it interesting that Deanna disappears a bit. Vornholt tends to focus on her and I rather like how he makes her more than just a counselor. She does command the bridge for a bit but I don't recall her having much dialogue.

I started A Time to Die today. I'm about 10% in and it seems like it'll be pretty good. Though, Emo Picard is a bit much. (I hope he doesn't have to visit the Balance of Terror Reenactment again!). I see the books mentioned, in that they exist, but I haven't seen much talk about their quality.
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