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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

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Do yourself a favor and pick up The Next Level blu-ray sampler. It's like thirteen bucks on Amazon. The DVD's will make you cry after that.
Oh yeah. I already had that and sold it on recently. I'm saving my pennies for Season 1 whenever that happens. It'll take years to upgrade though whole series. 2015 or 2016 before they're finished. I could have passed away frankly, by the time they're done! Meanwhile I'm far more interesting in adjusting to get the most out of what I've already got. Tweaking all the various functions on the TV, to find the perfect setting. Hence my having an LCD for a time and rejecting it, for a Plasma, which (so far) seems to be doing a better job of being less smeary and pixelated, more like the CRTs I'm used to. I know it doesn't compare with 1080p, but that's not really my objective right now. All TVs can pretty much do a good job of that. I'm more into finding a modern flat panel that can handle SD as well as a CRT.
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