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Re: Fringe 4x19 - "Letters of Transit" (Live Commentary, Spoilers)

If its the fact that Etta is a child with a parent from different universes that allows her to be immune to the Observers telepathy... I wonder if in the alternate universe there may be a child of Fauxlivia + Lincoln who could be carrying out a similar role in a resistance group there.

I wonder if the reason why the Observers took over in 2015 (besides it being in the near future for us) is because they wanted to take over the Earth at the furthest point in human technology that they could *WITHOUT* it being so advanced as to challenge them. If it was about assuming control before the planet worsened ecologically they could have all taken over the planet in 1915 or 1015 or whenever and and had a lot less people to kill and worry about... but then they'd have less advanced (or none at all) infrastructure.
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