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Re: Cabin in the Woods - Grading, Discussion, Spoilers

Just got back from seeing this a little while ago and I really enjoyed it and was surprised about it as the "men behind the scenes" aspect I did not know about. Kristen Connolly is certainly a looker I'm going to keep my eyes on down the road. The movie was good fun, Hensworth did a good job as well and the movie is certainly filled with Joss Whedon-isms, tropes and sharp writing.

I really liked the slide-puzzle crypt of monsters, especially the Hellraiser-like monster, and I knew the aquaman monster would show up sooner or later.

Good movie, really enjoyed it and, hell, I'd like to see more-done. (And yeah, supposedly, the world ends at the end of this movie but I'm sure that can written-away. )

SPOILERS: I'm not coding it for ease of reading:

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So the five archetypes are needed for the "ritual", the jock, whore, scholar, fool, and the virgin. But actually most of them weren't really like that, and thus were manipulated into being so. For example Chris Hemsworth's character was actually a pretty smart guy who started acting jockish, and the same for his girlfriend who wasn't normally that slutty.
My criticism would be that aside from about a 30 seconds scene at the start we don't really see any of them NOT in those roles anyway. The first time we see the Whore she's already gone blonde, the Jock is already throwing a football around in his first scene... so I just thought that aspect could have worked better.
I think the idea was that the subjects only needed to "fill the roles" not actually be those people which is why drugs and other mind-altering stuff was used to manipulate them into the roles. So long as while they're at the cabin and they satisfy the parts the god(s) would be pleased enough to allow the ritual to work.

The movie's meta-ness in that regard was clever especially the one with the virgin being allowed to survive or die so long as she was the last one in the process. What I found odd is that the movie suggested that the marijuana use of "the fool" negated the mind-altering/manipulative drugs they were using. Which... You'd think they would've have thought of that considering this ritual has been done for such a long time and not once they've encountered a pot-smoker?
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