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Re: Why was the last episode of DS9 so incredibly awful?

As the show was ending I knew something unconventional was needed.

Never really liked the whole bajor religion thing to begin with, such dull people the bajorans, as for the ending it was as bad as I had expected it would be, but ending a show is always tough.

Kira staying was the right choice in my opinion as was ezri , quark and bashir, just as o brien , odo and worf moving on.
I think it finished great EXCEPT for this whole sisko dukat nemisis thing.
The writers producers and directors etc wanted dukat as the arch villian, not the dominion and maybe its me but dukat was far less evil than the dominion, so this sisko dukat thing was always gonna be the crux of the ending to them and while I never cared for the ending on that issue everything else finished up perfect .
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