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Re: What are your top 5 technologies of the next 15 years?

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Yeah, but will the rich want the poor, the blacks, and the jews in their exclusive club?
They wont have the power to keep anyone who chooses to enhance out because everyone will have equal access.
No they won't. They'll have exactly as much access as the upper class allows them to have. The only reason they've enjoyed greater access in the past is because there's been zero political pressure to throttle that access and a whole lot of market incentive to allow it.

The moment that access becomes inconvenient for the existing power structure -- and it will, sooner or later -- then along come government regulations and social campaigns specifically aimed at limiting access to those technologies for whatever excuse TPTB can think of.

Information rules over all, making everyone truly free for the first time.
Incorrect. MONEY rules over all... at least at the moment, and their desire to keep it that way is the main reason why service providers universally oppose Net Neutrality.
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