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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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curious about this as the point defense console is ship specific...

Console - Universal - Point Defense System

The point Point Defense System provides 360 defense, but has limited range - generally 5KM or less.

Normal ship weapons will continue to operate as normal while the turret is active.

It is included with the purchase of the Heavy Escort: Thunderchild Class ship from the C-Store.

The Console will level with the player and can be transferred to any other Escort class ship.
unless you mean the Automated Defense Turret console... but i wouldn't call that overpowered in the least...

They changed most of teh consols a while back to not be ship specific anymore.
The only consoles that still are, are saucer sep, ablative super armor on the Intrepid , cloaks and Transwarp I believe
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