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Re: Last Star Trek Episode You Watched

TOS episodes from the Captain's Log DVD set. Classics, City on the Edge and Balance of Terror. Enterprise Incident rounding off the fan picks.

Broke in a brand new 40" Panasonic plasma TV, after my 28" Sony CRT finally gave up the ghost. Settled on that over a Sony LCD, because it handled standard def far better (most of Star Trek and other things I watch are still in that after all and will be, for quite a while yet I'd imagine). Panasonic had less glare and better range of picture settings to adjust between than a Sony which seemed to treat anything but HD very harshly.

Amazing and I haven't even got around to any blu ray of the series yet. Dipped into a TNG episode showing on a satellite channel, CBS Action but it looked absolutely awful. I'm hopeful that series on DVD will hold up better than wherever their copies are from. The non-enhanced TOS ones proved okay, so I guess I'll soon see.
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