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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Just breaking for those interested: The 2012 Wave 4 Aayla Secura has just been found in the past day at a Walmart in California. This means that Wave 4(Dr. Evazan, Aayla, Kithaba Skiff Guard, 501st Legion Clone Trooper, Nom Anor and several repacks of popular or hard to find 2011 figures) has actually hit retail before 95% of the population have even seen Wave 3.

I don't know what's going on with Hasbro anymore. They're sloppy or late to the game with good MLP:FiM merchandise...they can't get STAR WARS, Marvel Superhero and G.I. Joe figures distributed adequately and even in the correct order...they make public announcements that product is going to be available for shipment soon and then delay entire waves of action figures an entire year or even cancel them. I love that company, but is it ever a bloody mess. There are times I think a cage full of honey badgers could run things better than the current gang at the helm.
Sometimes it's not even their fault. Retail stores generally won't place an order until they've sold enough of what they've currently got, so some waves can be either under-ordered (or skipped altogether in the worst-case scenario). There's better luck at online stores, but then you run the risk of sell-outs or having to pay more at various sites (including Hasbro's own site).
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