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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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I'm not a huge fan of Iron Man 2 outside of that scene and Sam Rockwell being, well, Sam Rockwell, but Robot Rock is one of the deepest scenes in the entire Marvel film canon, which is remarkable, considering that almost every Marvel Studios film is a two-hour commercial for The Avengers.
The idea behind it was good, but unfortunately the sight of Tony stumbling around drunk and pulling dance moves in the Iron Man suit was just so ridiculous that it undercut the entire sequence for me.

Maybe if the surrounding movie had been a lot stronger, I would have been okay with it. But it's one of the few times we see him in the suit and he's acting like a complete idiot the whole time.

Plus I just don't think the entire addict/blood poisoning storyline really worked that well at all in the movie. It felt way too forced and awkward.

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my favourite bit of IM2 is still Widow kicking all kinds of ass and Happy fighting one guy.
Same here. It was nothing but a bunch of elaborate fight choreography in a hallway, but it was still more thrilling than any of the actual Iron Man scenes in the movie.
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