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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

I just watched it again. I love it that Korra's definition of "cautious" is "kick the door in." But I'm wondering where her superstrength comes from. In episode one, she was able to pick up Tenzin and at least two of his children in a bear hug, even though he's bigger than she is. And here she did things like knocking Mako across the room with a medicine ball and lifting that Equalist orator off the ground one-handed. I mean, obviously she works out and is well-muscled, but those and the door kick seem beyond normal human ability. Not that I mind -- strong women are sexy -- but superstrength never seemed to be part of an Avatar's power set before.

Also, can Korra metalbend? She seems to have mastered every bending discipline save air, but it seemed that when she was trying to get the machine to release steam, she could've simply used metalbending to split the seams.

I love the shot where Mako and Korra are walking past the spinny-things contraption and it rotates behind them in 3D as the camera tracks them. Reminds me of the old Fleischer Popeye cartoons where they'd build a miniature background on a turntable and rotate it behind the cels.

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