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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

The Robot Rock fight was the only part of Iron Man 2 that meant anything to me. It's a great sequence. Stark says "fuck it, I'm going nuts," and finally Rhodes steps up in a vain effort to stop him. People complain about how the whole "Demon in a Bottle" story hasn't been part of a movie, but the Robot Rock sequence is a beautiful allegory for what happens between an addict and the people around that addict: They both destroy their surroundings, with the addict initiating the aggression in a misguided attempt at defense while everyone else (represented by Rhodes) are screaming FOR FUCK'S SAKE STOP IT -- note how essentially all the action on that scene is one hit from Stark, followed by one hit from Rhodes -- and all of it is escalating as both sides battle with increasingly less legitimate responses ... and finally those supporters / sponsors / observers can't do anything but fight, until they reach a point when it's time to leave and let the addict -- Stark -- figure things out on his own. Robot Rock is Stark hitting rock bottom, to use the phraseology of addiction treatment. He's literally sitting on his ass, and his confidants have left him because he can't pull his head out of his ass. This isn't exactly a loosely gained reading of the film from some random elements, either.

I'm not a huge fan of Iron Man 2 outside of that scene and Sam Rockwell being, well, Sam Rockwell, but Robot Rock is one of the deepest scenes in the entire Marvel film canon, which is remarkable, considering that almost every Marvel Studios film is a two-hour commercial for The Avengers.
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