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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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The Cubs are 3 - 11, and the team's slugging percentage is ... wait for it ... .319.

I knew it was going to be a long season, but, holy shit. Holy holy holy shit.
Plus Dempster potentially going on the DL, or at least missing a start or two, with his 1.33 ERA.

Wood already on the DL (huge surprise there).

And, like last year, mostly getting a lot of hits but not putting them together for runs.

I wonder, with all the BS about contending "this year", how they'll explain this off after a while. "oh, we always said we were rebuilding".
Dempster was put on the DL about an hour ago. Word is that to clear a roster spot, Marlon ".070 batting average" Byrd may be on his way to Boston, since he wasn't in today's lineup.

Wood to the DL doesn't shock me, because while his velocity has been at or near career-best, his location has been horrific, and it's clear that something isn't right with his shoulder.
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