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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS**

I don't understand you're obsession with how it's filmed. I don't see where that would really matter that much if the story is good, the dialogue is good, the characters are well done, and the action is fun and exciting.
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Yeah it looks like Ruffalo's Hulk is going to be the break through character from this movie from everything I've read about it so far, which is kind of what I expected, he's also who I'm most excited to see (other than Cobie Smulder's Maria Hill). I still think we'll get a Hulk movie sequel for 2015. It's possible that the television series might interfere somehow with this but I doubt it.
I read a quote from Kevin Feige (the guy in charge of Marvel's movies) on IGN where he said they were done with Hulk, at least for now. The impression I got was that he'll probably still be in future Avengers movies, but he won't be getting any more solo films in the near future.
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