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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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Good thing they had two theaters open for Get the Gringo the other night - so many VIPs at the red carpet event for the movie, they filled up the first one too quickly! I wound up in the second theater, and had to watch the post-film Q&A on the screen bein' broadcast from the second theater.

Decent enough movie, reminded me of Payback, where Mel Gibson was also playin' a bad guy but not the worst guy...

And some of it was filmed here in Texas, so yay! for that.

I did not get an autograph, but Mel Gibson did growl at me when I tried to get one. So, there's that...
Looks like Mel Gibson put his foot in his mouth again.

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12. "Shame" (2011) A Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan. Directed By Steve McQueen. Fassbender plays a man struggling with a serious sex addiction. This film is dark, moody and slow in some places, but the fascinating thing about it is the character study of Fassbender's Brandon as he deals with his visiting sister Sissy (Mulligan) and continues to try and hide his addiction. Beautifully shot, written, and acted. Fassbender was truly outstanding and it is great to see him and Mulligan continue to become superstars. I'd see this for sure. You might lose patience with it if you don't like slow paced films, but try to stick with it!
I thought that Mulligan's singing ran a bit long.
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