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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

I went ahead and recorded The Illustrated Man anyway, and I kinda wish I hadn't. What a sluggishly directed movie. Everything took much longer than it needed to. And though my memory of the original Bradbury stories is vague ("The Veldt" is the only one I have a strong memory of), I don't think it did them justice. "The Last Night of the World" in particular was badly handled.

Plus I could've done without seeing so much of Rod Steiger's exposed skin. Why couldn't Bradbury have written The Illustrated Sexy Woman instead? (Lydia, oh Lydia...)

Then again, this movie's version of "The Veldt" may deserve credit as the forerunner of the holodeck concept. As I recall, in the original story, the simulations in the "nursery" were just photorealistic animated wallpaper, like a wraparound TV screen. In the movie, they were fully 3-dimensional "electronic projections" that created an immersive environment -- and the bare walls of the deactivated nursery had a vaguely holodeck-like grid structure.
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