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Re: 53 Reasons Why We Need a New Star Trek TV Series

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But we need a new Star Trek series to critique our culture and make us examine what we have become. And that will force us to become something better.
No television series has ever done anything even approaching this.
Force us to become better? No never. But a mere television show can be a platform for criticism and examination of our culture (and other cultures), and science fiction - with it's aliens and monsters - can be very good at this.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was (initially) about the difficulty of teenagers in the environment of High School, and not actually about real monsters, it dealt with the matter through metaphors.

Star Trek through the years has been used for social commentary and also advocacy, sometimes with hit or miss results.

Gene Roddenberry created the prime directive as a statement about America's involvement in the Vietnam War. But some of his efforts in that direction backfired, A Private Little War comes off a more of a endorsement of American involvement, rather than a advocacy for withdrawal.

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