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Re: The very best episodes

Keep in mind that these are subjective, as a different mix of participants happens each time and sometimes people change their minds:

TOS Hurt/Heal: Season 1
TOS Hurt/Heal: Season 2
TOS Hurt/Heal: Season 3

TOS Hurt/Heal: Best Episode Ever
01st: City on the Edge of Forever
02nd: Journey to Babel
03rd: Balance of Terror
04th: Mirror, Mirror
05th: The Doomsday Machine
06th: Amok Time
07th: The Devil in the Dark
08th: Where No Man Has Gone Before
09th: The Trouble With Tribbles
10th: Errand of Mercy
11th: The Enterprise Incident
12th: The Cage
13th: A Taste of Armageddon
14th: The Tholian Web
15th: All Our Yesterdays
16th: The Ultimate Computer
17th: The Menagerie, Part I & II
18th: Day of the Dove
19th: This Side of Paradise
20th: Obsession
21st: The Corbomite Maneuver
22nd: Spectre of the Gun
23rd: Return to Tomorrow
24th: By Any Other Name
25th: Whom Gods Destroy
26th: Metamorphosis
27th: Requiem for Methuselah
28th: Elaan of Troyius
29th: Wink of an Eye
30th: Is There in Truth No Beauty?

Top 5 Favorite TOS Episodes
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