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Re: SimCity 5 on its way in 2013!

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I think there's a slight difference. MP3 player isn't quite accurate. It's more like, would I buy an album that I need to connect to the internet? The difference I'm not entirely tethered to the internet.
I'm confused about what you're trying to say here. Are you saying that it's not comparable because MP3 players are portable? So are laptops. But okay, for the sake of argument, replace the portable MP3 player in your mind with a stereo system. Would it be acceptable for your stereo to require online verification for every CD that you own before you can play them?
No, my point is the requirement I go online is the exception not the rule and I can independently evaluate whether it's worth it for that specific exception depending on how much I value the product.

If all my music required an internet connection, that would suck because I do listen to music on the road. However, I don't need to listen to every song while on the road. If my MP3 player came with an internet connection that would work on the road, I'd also consider that a plus.
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