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Re: AVENGERS: Grade, Reviews, Discuss, DVD & Sequel **SPOILERS** - grade,unknown, but hungry for more
As for the technical aspects of the film, it’s clear that Disney spared no expense, although I really could have done without the 3D. Too much of the film happens in the dark, and coupled with the umbrage of stereoscopic photography, it was tricky to make out some of the action.

There were some out there who wondered about how Whedon, who made a name for himself working with strong female characters, would fare with just one woman in the mix opposite of some of the manliest men in fiction. Scarlett Johansson definitely turns in a strong performance, but the truth is that she is sidelined in favour of those with super powers, resulting in less cross-character flirting than we might be used to, but the abundance of super-human feats fills that gap admirably. - B+ grade
I think the director and his writing partner will not be offended if I describe “The Avengers” as a complex (but not complicated), well-oiled machine (or toy box), in which no less than eight characters are interfaced, while each maintaining his or hers personal arc and yet make sense.

There is another juggling act that Whedon pulls off successfully: He has made a picture broad enough to satisfy the expectations of the fans of the previous movies, while honoring the wishes of the fans of the comic books. (There is, of course, overlap between the two groups, but they are not the same, nor are their desires). - A+ grade
The Avengers culminates with an explosive finale that delivers everything I wanted and more. Then there is a credits scene that sets up, not only the future of The Avengers, but possibly the future of the landscape of the next Marvel Studios films. (More about this below in my spoiler-zone). Expect to leave with joy, warm and fuzzy feelings, and most likely the urge to go back to the box office and just buy yourself another ticket to immediately return and watch it again. Thank you Joss Whedon, Marvel, Disney and Paramount. I can now die a happy man. Nothing will be able to touch this film for us geeks for years.
I didn't read his spoiler section so go to the link where I assume he spills the info on the post credits sequence.
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